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Wednesday, 12th October, 2011 at 10:46 am

Hello patient blog followers, here’s some news, I’ll be at The Apple Store Regent Street in London on Tuesday 18th at 7pm.  Not just browsing.  I’ll be doing a Q&A, talking about my autobiography Small Man In A Book, so if there’s something you’d like to ask but have never found the right moment, please come along.  It’s free, but it’s first come, first seated…


Small Man in a Book

Sunday, 5th June, 2011 at 12:45 pm

Well, the book’s finished and I’m now very much looking forward to getting out around the country and talking about it with the Small Man In A Book Tour.  As always with these things I can’t go everywhere so apologies if your town/city/hamlet isn’t included. I’m afraid it just comes down to so many factors, availability of venues, in this instance I’ve deliberately chosen small, intimate settings that I feel will give the audience a better experience.  Then there’s the availability of me, I’ve found it very difficult lately to pin myself down.  The evenings will consist of me chatting to an interviewer, reading from the book, talking to and taking questions from the audience and then as often as is possible we’ll wind things up with a signing.  Tickets for the evenings are available here…

The book is out in October, you can pre order here…


Beavering Away

Thursday, 24th February, 2011 at 8:53 am

2/24/2011 8:53:23 AM

Hello infrequent Blog fans!  I’m holed up at home at the moment writing my autobiography.  I told a friend this yesterday on the phone, she asked what I was doing and I said I was sat in my pyjamas writing my autobiography.  She thought it was a euphemism.  It’s not.  It’s enjoyable but you have to crack on to meet the word count target, twenty six words each day, it’s not easy.  The book will be out in the autumn, which is conveniently in time for Christmas, a lucky coincidence.  In the meantime we start back on Would I Lie To You? next Friday at Pinewood, hello to you if you’re coming.


Blog Again

Monday, 23rd August, 2010 at 9:01 am

Well, my promise to blog extensively has, depending on your definition of “extensive”, not really been kept. So here we go… Just back from two weeks in France; the annual Brydon middle class holiday. We were near Bergerac, the Dordogne etc. Never been before, beautiful countryside, great towns but SO many British people it made you wonder if anyone was left at home.
We’ve done France for the last four, maybe five years now, considering Spain next year. Exciting, I know.

So, the fourth series of Would I Lie To You?, my second, is mid run and going strong. Each week I get a great response via Twitter so thanks if you’re one of the Tweeters. Lee, David and I love doing the show and I think it comes across. The only shame is that it’s cut to a half hour. The great “Kevin Bridges Accidentally Buys A Horse In Romania” bit from a few weeks back must have run to half an hour on the night, we were weak with laughter. A lot of David and Lee’s more involved and recurring battles get cut to accommodate the running time, which is a shame. If we come back for a fifth series I’ll try and Tweet a warning so you can get on the list for tickets. So many of the audience tell me it’s a great night although it has to be said, it’s a bit of a schlep to Pinewood. Unless of course you live near Pinewood in which case it’s awfully convenient.
On other matters, we’re all done on The Rob Brydon Show, Christmas Special and Compilation Show With Lots Of Unseen Bits included. I’m very happy with it and really hope you like it too. It starts at 10pm on 17th September on BBC2. The first show has David Walliams and Sir Tom Jones as guests as well as the comedian Tom Deacon, who does a great spot. “Oh Deaco, that is some stinky chat!” (Watch the show and you’ll understand). The other Tom was kind enough to let me sing with him and I managed to keep it together, I think. Just. Maybe. We did a bit where I play the guitar and we both sing some old rock and roll songs. I am not an especially competent guitar player, see if you can spot the panic in my eyes as I approach chord changes…
So there we are. I’m enjoying a relatively quiet time at the moment, just a bit of press to do for the RBS (my show, not the troubled financial institution) and then an autumn of writing for a project I’m quite excited about but, in time honoured tradition, can’t mention.
The other thing to look out for is The Trip, again on BBC2 with my good chumly Steve Coogan. This goes out sometime this year I think. It’s a very curious project in as much as it’s going out in the UK as a six part TV series, yet in a couple of weeks I’ll be at the Toronto Film Festival where it gets its premiere as a film! The last (and only) time I was at the TFF was a few years ago for A Cock And Bull Story, again with Steve and Michael Winterbottom, who directed and came up with the idea and story of The Trip. We had a great time, hopefully this’ll go down well too.
So until the next time I blog, and it’ll be sooner this time I promise, goodbye…

Heavy Weight

Tuesday, 30th March, 2010 at 3:22 pm

3/30/2010 3:22:47 PM

If you detect a new weightiness to my already substantial prose it is not, I fear, due to any leap in my writerly prowess.  The answer is rather more simple I’m afraid.  Four weeks of filming in some of the best restaurants in the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales has left me 8lbs heavier.  8lbs!!!  A whole baby.  This new delivery of fat has been deposited almost exclusively to my belly, or as I call it, the meat packing district.  This means that friends react to the news with disbelief until they see that I’m only sitting comfortably thanks to loosening my belt and undoing my trousers.  Indeed, as I write this I’m wearing my hiking trousers, the only ones that make me feel like I’m not playing the lead in The Last Days Of Elvis.  I’m now back to the gym and eating less (the filming necessitated eating each meal THREE times to accommodate different camera angles etc) than I was so, hopefully I’ll soon be back to my old lithe and sexy self.

We were filming The Trip, a new series for BBC2 directed by Michael Winterbottom in which Steve Coogan and I play loose versions of ourselves touring around The Lakes and reviewing restaurants.  I’ve not laughed so much in ages.  I think it goes out in the summer, I’ll let you know when I know.  When I say “loose versions of ourselves” I don’t mean us with no morals, I mean us but slightly different.  Some times not different at all.  Well, me that is, I can’t speak for him …

The view from my room at Holbeck Ghyll Hotel, Ambleside

The above photograph is the view from my room at the Holbeck Ghyll Hotel, Ambleside where we stayed and ate a great deal.

On other matters, we’re about to start recording a new series of Would I Lie To You? for BBC1 out at Pinewood.  As a boy I would fantasise that I might one day make movie after movie at the legendary Pinewood, home of the famous 007 sound stage.  Well, to date I’ve worked there three times.  The first was to film a series of commercials for Toffee Crisp, it would have been around ‘89 – ‘90 and my friend Steve Speirs (Krod Mandoon, Extras etc) and I played two idiots who ate Toffee Crisps.  We were hugely excited.  I still have a photo somewhere of me stood outside the dressing room door pointing at my name.  Alas it wasn’t to be.  For reasons that are still unclear, the adverts never saw the light of day.

My next shot at Pinewood immortality was my “stare really hard and you still might miss it” role in First Knight. This was on TV recently and many Tweeted to say how amused they had been to spot me lurking in the middle distance behind Richard Gere.  Most of my bits were shot in a field near Tring but there was one scene, Guinevere’s courtyard that was filmed at Pinewood.  All the disenfranchised villagers (of whom I was one) walk to Guinevere’s to ask for help after their village has been burned down by Ben Cross.  I hasten to add that Ben was playing a role, he was in no way implicated in the arson on a personal level.  Well, we arrive and the leader of our pack, who recently played a corrupt prison officer in Red Ridingpleads for her assistance.  If you can spot me in this scene you deserve a medal.  I managed to place myself well out of view of the camera.  This was a time before I’d come to realise the truth in the saying, “If you can’t see the camera, the camera can’t see you”.

So, Would I Lie To You? has turned out to be by far my most enjoyable spell at Pinewood.  I’m very much looking forward to spending time with David and Lee and we’ve already got some excellent guests booked.  Two more things, The Rob Brydon Show goes into production soon.  If you were one of the people that came to the pilot, thanks for laughing enough to get it commissioned.  The series will be like the pilot but a bit different, we’re just starting work on it now.  There was a bit of press about it last week when it was announced, my quote being “I’ve never been this excited”.  My original quote for the press release was considered a bit too odd, it was, “This Press release is an accurate reflection of the situation as it stands”.  I still prefer it.

Lastly, to everyone who asks when I’m doing more stand up, I’ll be doing small warm up spots for the RBS (my show, not the bank) around June, I’ll probably Tweet about them. I’m also doing two proper gigs in Wales this year which I’m hugely close to announcing once all the details are sorted.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter as that’s where I’ll probably mention it first.

Bye for now …

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